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By Using Mountable, You Can Hike The Mountain Safely Without Worry

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Emergency System
Emergency System is always ready. With our latest technology development, the emergency system can send notification in real time.
Weather Information
The weather on the mountain can change rapidly. By using the tracker device provided by Mountable, you can always know the weather on the mountain
Location Tracking
The Mountable tracker device can know your location when it is used on the mountain. Thus, you can climb the mountain with more safety.
Mountain Height Measurement
Know the height of your location on the Mountain, so you can know the estimation time to reach the top of the mountain.
Location Monitoring
Are you afraid to be lost on the Mountain? Don’t Worry, Mountable and the management team can trace your location.
We provide signal transmitter with Internet of Things Technology in the hiking area
The features are accomplished by the Smartphone Application
Offline Chat
Mountain Map
Emergency Call
Mountain Booking
Hiking Kit Renting
Mountain Info
Our Product Road Map

2018|3rd Quarter

Design System and Customer Validation

2018|4th Quarter

Prototype 1.0 Beta Testing on Mount Sumbing

2019|1st Quarter

Tracking Tools Prototype 2.0 Development and Android Alpha Application

2019|2nd Quarter

Application and Tracking Tools Integration

2019|3rd Quarter

Node Prototype 2.0 Development

2019|4th Quarter

Android Pilot Application

2020|1st-2nd Quarter

Java Island Implementation, Dashboard Monitoring & Tracking Tools Integration and Android Beta Application

2020|3rd-4th Quarter

Sumatera Island Implementation, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning